ANC Acrylic (over natural nail)   $35

ANC Acrylics with tips   $45
ANC Acrylic Fill   $28

​Heated Paraffin Treatment applied for intense softening and smoothing of skin can be added to any Pedicure or Manicure:

  Feet: $10                                                 ​  Heels: $5

  Hands: $10                                               Elbows: $5


​​​Pedicure ($30) ~45 minutes

includes a Soak in hot jet tub with emphasis on cuticles and sloughing of dry/calloused skin. Nail clipping/file and a polish of your choice.  Moisturizing of your feet and legs. 

Spa Pedicure ($42) ~1 hour

 includes our Pedicure listed above and also includes leg massage, steaming towel,  sloughing of callus on heel/toes and Skin Moisturizer of your choice.

Paraffin Treatment applied for intense moisturizing to excessive dry skin can be added to any Pedicure or Salon Service

According to dermatologists, paraffin wax has a long history of also treating many different physical conditions such as increasing blood flow, arthritis, improving joint stiffness and reducing pain when heated and applied/rubbed onto the skin/joint area.

Sweetwater Salon

Manicure  $18

French Manicure   $20
Polish Change   $11 & up
Shellac / Gel Manicure $30


A manicure stimulates nail growth and softens  dry, dull skin.  Includes:
  - Soak, shaping, and cuticles 
​  - hand massage and moisturizing 
  - completed with polish of your choice




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