Manicure  $18

French Manicure   $20
Polish Change   $11 & up
Shellac / Gel Manicure $30


A manicure stimulates nail growth and softens  dry, dull skin.  Includes:
  - Soak, shaping, and cuticles 
​  - hand massage and moisturizing 
  - completed with polish of your choice

ANC Acrylic (dipping over natural nail)   $35

ANC Acrylics with tips   $45
ANC Acrylic Fill   $28



Mini-Pedicure ($30) 

Includes a Soak in hot jet tub, nail clipping/file, cuticles.  Massage and moisturizing of your feet and calves and polish 

Pedicure ($42) 

Includes our Pedicure listed above and also includes sloughing of callus on heel/toes 

Paraffin Treatment applied for intense moisturizing to excessive dry skin can be added to any Pedicure or Salon Service

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