Eyelash Extensions


Half- way through an initial full set - WOW!

Classic Initial Full Set:   $149 (Reg. $199)            

Each natural eyelash is isolated and one extension is applied to each natural lash. These extensions come in various lengths and widths.  Our trained and experienced estheticians will help design the best look for  you!!

​  - We use LashAffair's 'The One Ultimate Bonding Glue'

​  - PremierLash Designer Lashes

     Sizes 7-17 in length and .10mm, .15mm & .20mm in width

  - Volume Lashes are available!!


Follow-up Appointments:

   2 week fill:  $50

   3 week fill:  $65

   3-5 weeks: $85+

     Extension Removal:   $30  

Eyelash Curling & Tinting

EyeBrow Tinting: $15

EyeBrow Waxing: $15

EyeBrow Threading: $10

Do you curl your eyelashes everyday and then apply mascara?  You will LOVE Eyelash curling!!

If you have light lashes and brows, tinting both will make your beautiful features standout!

Elleebana Eyelash Curling: $65

Eyelash Tinting: $25 (upper and lower lashes)

Lash & Lift Special $85 for Lash Curling & Tinting

'Before & After's' by Erin!

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