Voted Best Spray Tan in Ashland 2018!

​Thank you!!!!

How do I prepare for my Air-Brush Tan before I arrive?

 - Shower & Exfoliate your skin!  Ideally, use a scrub (and shave) to remove any skin ready to shed.  This will allow the tan to last longer

 - Do not moisturize before your tan or use antiperspirants/deodorants.  Clean and dry skin absorbs the tanning solutions easier 

 - Bring a bathing suit or any undergarments you would like to wear to create tan lines....or go for no lines.  If you are tanning only your legs for face, we have a wrap for you to wear.

 - Bring loose and comfortable clothing to wear after your tan.

Once at Sweetwater:

 - We will walk you through applying a barrier cream, protecting your hair and a reminder to remove jewelry that you do not want to block your tan.

 - We will discuss the tan that you desire - subtle, natural, or bold!

​What do I need to do after my Air-Brush Tan?
​ - As your tan is drying, avoid tight clothing that may affect the tan or cause you to sweat.
~ You will need to avoid water, products, moisturizer and make-up while your tan sets - that means, no sweating, no swimming, no showering (until you are ready to remove it)
- Spray tans do not protect you from the sun, use sun protection!

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Sunless Tanning is a great way for people to get a beautiful and natural looking tan without the harmful effects of UV exposure. We use only Aviva Organic products to achieve the tan you desire!

​​ ~ Regular tanning spray requires NO contact with water for 8-10 hours.  That means, no sweating, no swimming, no showering etc.  
~ Rapid (express) tans require that you shower 1-4 hours after application depending on how dark and bold you would like your tan.

Express /Rapid Tan
  add $5

Organic Sunless Tanning

One Regular Tan:

Full Body $25   Reg. $40

Partial Body $20    Reg. $25

Face  $10


Packages (your choice of Regular or Express tans):

Event Package:  $60 for 2 tans

One Full Body Tan trial and one before event.  Great for Weddings, Proms, or any event!  (Must be used within 30 days)

Vacation Package: 3 Tans   $95 Special $60

Tan prior to your vacation and two tans scheduled within 45 days of returning from your vacation.  Keep that Vacation Glow!

Spring/Summer Package:  5 Tans    $149

Package offered April 1st and must be used by Sept. 30th

Winter Package: 10 tans    $189

Keep that summer glow all through the holidays and new year!  Must be used by March 30th.

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